torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Phew! "Læsestress"

Puha. Jeg har godt nok lidt travlt efterhånden.
Jeg har fået en masse gratis e-bøger fra goodreads for nyligt. Til anmeldelse. Og nu er det ved at være for meget! ;o)
Storyteller af M. Teresa Clayton skal være anmeldt 4/4. Goodreads skriver:
M Teresa Clayton does it again with Storyteller, a compilation of short fictional stories. Storytellers have been reaching beyond the ordinary for ages - channeling stories from somewhere beyond our own reasoning. After the story is told the questions begin. What if we could see what it is that whispers our name? What if there is intelligent life inside a drop of rain? What if we could navigate time and space? 

These and other questions are asked within the stories told herein. A word of warning, the price of hearing the story is greater than the telling of it. 

RL Hodge provides dark imaginative images to compliment the stories therein. 

Family Care af Jessa Callaver skal være anmeldt 30/4. Goodreads skriver:
When 18-year-old Josie agreed to sacrfice her last high school spring break to babysit for the Sharps, she could have never foreseen the result. The Sharps are the new shiny successful family in town...with a hidden secret. Drawn into a cold and chaotic house, an even chillier marriage, and a family in dire need of her care, Josie soon realizes she's bitten off more than she can chew. Will she be willing to learn what this family has to teach?
-Bliver i øvrigt mit første møde med erotisk litteratur, så det er jeg lidt spændt på.

Lure af Brian Rathbone er der heldigvis ingen dato på, da anmeldelse ikke er et krav, men han ser det gerne og man vil jo godt hjælpe, ikke? Goodreads skriver:
Warning: This title contains sexual content, bad behavior, and mild profanity. 

Sam Flock is a good cop, but when she has a paranormal experience on the job that causes her to drive into the side of an ambulance, her career in law enforcement meets its end. Determined to find answers, she forms a paranormal investigation agency with her friend, Shells. Though they are perhaps the world's worst paranormal investigators, they find something beyond their wildest imaginings.

Og så har jeg jo altså også alle de andre bøger ved siden af, som jeg meget gerne vil have læst. 

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